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How to Use Career Tasting: A Taste Test for Your Future!

Embarking on the career planning journey can feel like navigating through a labyrinth without a map.

But what if we told you that not knowing your destination is perfectly okay?

In fact, it’s an exciting opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. And with the concept of ‘career tasting’, you can quickly get to grips with what your next steps might look like.

Join the team from mycar as they explain more and share some of the fantastic career-tasting ideas they love most.

Why It’s Okay If You Don’t Know What You Want to Do

Feeling uncertain about your future path is completely normal.

It’s not about having all the answers right away but rather about embracing the journey of self-discovery.

This uncertainty opens doors to new experiences, allowing you to find your passion organically.

Enter Career Tasting!

Think of career tasting as sampling various flavours before committing to a full-course meal.

It’s about trying different professions and industries to discover what resonates with you more deeply before you commit to a full-time position

Career Tasting demonstrates initiative, dedication, and a proactive approach to your professional development – at mycar, knowing a potential apprentice has completed work experience, a pre-apprenticeship or has some industry insight is a big plus!

4 Ways to Apply Career Tasting

So, what are some of the snacky ways you can use career tasting to explore your options?

Here are the four we love the most:

  1. Work Experience: Work experience encompasses activities that enhance your understanding of the workplace and bolster your skills relevant to your desired career. This includes diverse opportunities such as workplace tours, job shadowing, and structured work placements, providing invaluable hands-on learning experiences.
  2. School-Based Apprenticeships: School-based apprentices work part-time and undertake the first stage of their apprenticeship training before the end of the HSC year. Take advantage of programs that allow you to gain practical skills while still in school, offering a taste of potential career paths.
  3. Pre-Apprenticeships: Pre-apprenticeships offer a structured pathway for you to gain hands-on experience and foundational skills in your desired field before fully committing to an apprenticeship – bonus you get a certificate at the end too!
  4. Day in the Life Interviews – Engaging in ‘day in the life’ interviews gives you the inside scoop when it comes to understanding your potential career path. These interviews allow you to network and connect with professionals in the industry, enabling you to conduct thorough research and gain insights directly from industry professionals – the connections you make can also be really handy when you’re looking for your chosen opportunity.

5 Questions to Ask When You Try Career Tasting

Whenever you engage in a taste of careers, dedicate some time to exploring the experience.

This way, you can uncover what you like doing and match them to further opportunities – and potential jobs!

Here are some questions to help you get started:

  1. What tasks or responsibilities do I enjoy the most during this experience?
  2. What skills do I find myself naturally drawn to or eager to develop further?
  3. Do I feel fulfilled and purpose when engaging in this activity?
  4. How does this experience align with my values and long-term goals?
  5. Can I see myself pursuing this career path in the future, and why or why not?

Find the Right Flavour with mycar

Remember, career tasting is not about finding the perfect fit right away. It’s about gathering insights, refining preferences, and ultimately sculpting a path that aligns with your passions and aspirations.

Through our dedicated work experience program, you can discover many exciting opportunities at mycar!

Explore diverse roles, from mechanic to customer service to management, and see where your journey with mycar could lead.

Contact the team at or call (02) 9680 6500 to get started today!

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