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Immer Besser: Explore a ‘Forever Better’ Career with a World Leader

You may or may not have heard of Miele, but chances are high that you’ve already got at least one of their famous products in your home!

Miele is a German family-owned company manufacturing premium domestic and professional appliances worldwide.

Based in 47 international locations and with over 16,700 employees. Miele is a respected, trusted company and a leader in its industry.

In this blog, we dive into their insightful company ethos and why starting your career with them could be the best step you take!

Immer Besser: A Brilliant Company Motto

Immer Besser” – meaning forever better – defines Miele’s commitment to always do better in everything they do.

This includes ensuring that young people and new employees have the best start to their careers and are supported every step of the way to grow, learn, explore and be better every day.

“The training and support that Miele provides has been great,” advises Kate, a Customer Service Consultant. “At every step of the customer care centre journey, I have felt supported and learnt new things and have been able to develop my existing skills.”

Why Work for Miele?

Starting a career with Miele can be a rewarding choice for young professionals.

It offers unique opportunities and advantages, making it an excellent option to kickstart their journey into the workforce.

Here’s just an overview of how they do this:

  1. A Household Name; A Lifelong Career: Joining Miele allows young individuals to work with cutting-edge technologies and be part of a company that takes pride in delivering top-notch products to customers worldwide. Exposure to such a dynamic and forward-thinking environment can accelerate personal and professional growth, making it an exciting place to build a career.
  2. Strong Focus On Development & Wellbeing: Miele emphasises employee development and well-being. The company invests in comprehensive training programs, mentorship opportunities, and ongoing skill enhancement initiatives. This not only equips young talents with the necessary tools to excel in their roles but also fosters a supportive and nurturing work culture that encourages creativity and teamwork.
  3. A Career that Cares: Miele’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility aligns with the values of many young individuals seeking purpose-driven careers. Working for a company prioritising eco-friendly practices and community engagement allows young professionals to contribute to meaningful initiatives and positively impact the world while advancing their careers.

Starting a career with Miele offers young people an exceptional chance to be part of a reputable brand, access extensive development opportunities, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Join Miele Today!

Feeling convinced Miele is the place for you? Great!

The company seeks motivated individuals who want to start their career journey with them as  Customer Service Consultants at their Contact Centre in Scoresby, Victoria.

As a Customer Service Consultant, you are crucial in providing an exceptional customer service experience to their loyal customers. The Contact Centre is fast-paced and high-energy, with a supportive team environment.

With Classroom-based training, side-by-side support after training and ongoing coaching, you can fully embrace immer besser as you kickstart a thriving customer support career.

If this sound like an opportunity that interests you, please express your interest via!


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