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Launch Your Career and Unlock Your Potential at Calvary Health Care!

If caring comes naturally to you, Calvary Health Care Health Care will give you the chance to show it.

With a team of 16,000 caring people across Australia, you can learn with purpose and drive positive impact within the community being part of one of Australia’s largest healthcare providers.

Exploring Entry-Level Roles

One of the remarkable aspects of starting your career with Calvary Health Care is the diverse range of entry-level rolesavailable.

These roles are not just jobs; they are stepping stones towards a rewarding healthcare career.

Here are some of the entry-level positions you can consider:

  1. Administrative Roles: Behind every healthcare institution, a team keeps things running smoothly. Administrative roles at Calvary Health Care provide the foundation for the organisation’s operations. Whether you excel in organisation, communication, or customer service, you’ll find a place to put your skills to good use.
  2. Catering and Hospitality: Ensuring that patients and residents receive nourishing and tasty meals is a crucial aspect of healthcare. Joining Calvary Health Care in catering or hospitality roles allows you to make a difference in the daily lives of those you serve.
  3. Cleaning Services: A clean and hygienic environment is vital in healthcare. As a part of the cleaning team, you contribute directly to the well-being and safety of patients and residents.
  4. Traineeships: Calvary Health Care offers traineeship opportunities for those looking to build their careers in Aged Care. For example, starting as a Trainee in Aged Care, you have the chance to enhance the daily lives of residents while earning and undertaking Certificate III in Individual Support as you learn.

Pathways for Career Progression

Calvary Health Care is committed to nurturing and developing talent, providing pathways for career progression within the healthcare sector.

For example, when you’re with Calvary Health Care, there’s an opportunity to commence your career in a Traineeship role in Aged Care, where you can enhance the daily lives of our residents and earn as you learn while undertaking Certificate III Individual Support.

Let’s explore how you can advance your career at Calvary Health Care:

  1. Personal Care Worker: Beginning with a Certificate III in Individual Support, you can work directly with residents, offering personal care and support. This role enables you to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in your care.
  2. Team Leader: As you gain experience and expertise, you can step into a Team Leader role. To support your progression, you may pursue a Certificate IV in Ageing Support or a Diploma in Nursing (EN). In this position, you can lead and guide a team of dedicated professionals.
  3. Bachelor of Nursing (RN): If your long-term goal is to become a Registered Nurse, Calvary Health Care provides a pathway for you. Continuing your career progression, you can work towards a Bachelor of Nursing (RN) qualification, which opens up a world of possibilities in the healthcare sector.

Learn more about Calvary Health Care’s Graduate Nurse Program.

The beauty of the Calvary Health Care journey is that it’s not just about earning a paycheck; it’s about earning as you learn, gaining valuable experience, and making a positive impact on the lives of patients and residents.

Your career at Calvary Health Care is not limited to the role you start with; it’s a dynamic journey of growth and development.

Find Your Next Step Today

Calvary Health Care provides an inclusive and supportive environment, a broad spectrum of entry-level roles, and clear pathways for progression. Calvary Health Care invites passionate individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others while building a successful and rewarding career.

Whether you are just starting your career or looking to transition into healthcare, Calvary Health Care has the opportunities, support, and pathways you need to thrive.

Find an entry-level role with Calvary Health Care now: Your career in healthcare begins here.

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