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Meet Pavani, Business Banking Manager at NAB

10 November 2022

I am currently a Business Banking Manager at NAB. NAB is one of the four major banks and the leading business bank in Australia. In my role, I support small and medium businesses, their directors and owners with their total banking needs.

This may include EFTPOS machines for their business, an equipment loan for a new machine, or a business loan for a property purchase. I work with a variety of stakeholders both within the bank and externally to develop and manage my portfolio, add value for our customers, network with referral partners, and manage risks for the bank.

It takes a lot more than just money to run a business. My role is centred on developing a deep relationship with my customers and understanding their business so I can support them with the expertise, resources and insights to keep them growing and moving forward.

How did you come into this role? Did you always want to work in this field? Talk to us about your education and career journey/highlights to this point.

My career journey at NAB started in my last year at University when I was applying for graduate programs. I completed a double degree in Commerce and Economics at Monash University, thinking I would go into the accounting and finance field. However, I developed an interest in banking when I researched graduate programs, attended university events, and spoke to family and friends. After starting at NAB through the graduate program, I learned more about the organisation and applied for roles based on my career goals, strengths and areas for improvement. To date, I have been in 4 different roles where I have gained invaluable experience and developed new skills. There have been so many highlights in my career that I’m just extremely thankful for the opportunities provided and support received.

What is most rewarding about your job?

I can definitely say that the most rewarding aspect of my role is to see the impact of our work on our customers and their businesses. NAB’s strategic ambition to serve our customers well and help our communities prosper. In business banking, every interaction we have with our customers supports their business and personal wealth strategies, so we see small businesses develop into large companies with great success, and it’s rewarding to know that we have contributed to the betterment of people’s lives and society in that way.

What advice would you give your former high school self?

The advice I would give to my former high school self, and any other high school student, is to be open to new opportunities and trust that everything will work out as it should. At that age, it was hard to fully understand how many options I had, and it made me anxious when things did not work out as planned. High school is a crucial time when we make very important decisions, but I ultimately feel that we end up making the right decisions if we are informed and thoughtful, so we should trust the process. My advice would be to consider your options, think about what you are passionate about and identify your strengths. It also helps to ask for guidance, speak to a variety of experienced people, and do some research. As a high school student, I didn’t imagine myself as a Business Banker, but now I can’t imagine myself doing any other role.

To find out more about the various pathways into NAB, click here.

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