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Pick, Pack, Grow, & Shape Your Career Anyway You Like With Metcash!

24 August 2023

There are all kinds of people in the world who need all kinds of jobs at different times to suit their needs!

Wouldn’t it be great if an employer could offer a diverse enough range of opportunities to meet your career needs at different points in your life?

Oh, wait! There is!

Metcash is proud to offer the kind of diverse opportunities that suit you. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate, university student or business professional – there’s a role for you at Metcash.

Take Metcash’s wholesale brand, Campbells, for example. In this video you’ll hear from Hayden, a current Campbells Stores Person and Jen Findlater, People & Culture Business Partner with Metcash, as they share:

  • More about their different but diverse roles and what a typical workday involves.
  • How they each got started with Campbells and Metcash.
  • Why their roles support their current career needs – including opportunities for growth, development, and flexibility to meet other life priorities.
  • What makes Metcash a great place to work, and what the team culture is like.
  • Their top advice for anyone else thinking of joining this dynamic organisation!

We love the Metcash ethos that puts you and your needs first with no judgements! Need a casual role to support studies? Metcash can help! Looking for somewhere to grow a sustainable career? Metcash can help!

Find Out More

For almost 100 years, Metcash has proudly supported local, family-owned businesses – sticking up for the little guys and helping them become the best stores in town.

Today they’re Australia and New Zealand’s leading independent retail partner and wholesaler in the food, liquor and hardware sectors, keeping locals at their heart.

Head to the Metcash employer profile to learn more and discover how you can get involved with these logistics leaders today!

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