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Planting the Seed for a Bright Future with Nutrien Ag!

“If Agriculture is something you’re passionate about, there’s certainly a home for you somewhere!” 

When Sam was planning his career path, agriculture wasn’t part of his plan. However, after spending a little time away from home, he was drawn back to the farm where he launched an immensely rewarding career! 

Over his time with Nutrien Ag, Sam has earned a tonne of impressive (and super valuable) qualifications, all while gaining hands-on experience and furthering his career. If you want to know how he did it, and how you can launch an equally dynamic career with Nutrien Ag, tune in to our latest interview. Sam will be sharing all his insider info on: 

  • Nutrien Ag’s super exciting career development programs 
  • The many qualifications that Nutrien Ag can help you obtain 
  • Top attributes for aspiring agriculture superstars 
  • The diverse range of roles on offer at Nutrien Ag 
  • How, contrary to popular belief, agriculture is a young person’s industry 

Find Out More 

If you’re interested in a future in agriculture, look no further than Nutrien Ag Solutions! Nutrien Ag’s employees not only contribute to future-focused sustainability efforts and keep Aussies clothed and fed, but they also have the opportunity for boundless career advancement. If you ask us, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

For aspiring agricultural superstars, Nutrien Ag offers some pretty cool career development programs and opportunities to earn qualifications on the job. What’s more, their vast range of role opportunities means that there will be a perfect fit for any job hunter.  

If you’d like to start your career journey with Nutrien Ag today (and we’re sure you would), head over to their employer profile today! 

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