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Put Your Best Foot Forward with a CSL Internship

20 April 2023
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You probably don’t need us to remind you how valuable gaining some work experience can be!

Getting your foot in the door while trying to learn about different careers and opportunities and discovering other employers can help you firm up some of your decisions about your next steps.

It’s something CSL make a priority, knowing how vital work experience can be, and their internship programs are the perfect way to put your best foot forward!

Lucia recently completed the program and joined us to share her amazing experience!

Hear from Lucia

My name is Lucia, and I have completed my internship with CSL under the Operational Excellence team. This opportunity gave me first-hand experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in manufacturing.

I rotated through value streams and facilities which allowed me to interact with three separate managers. I had the opportunity to work on different projects with the objective of increasing efficiency throughout the company by reducing losses and waste and enabling systems and processes to measure and track performance metrics. My role in this was to source and critically analyse the data to identify potential areas of focus for improvement within the manufacturing processes.

Some projects may be on the go at the same time with separate requirements. However, a typical day in my role would involve: scoping and developing project work, engaging with various stakeholders, performing data analysis, engaging and collaborating with team members, and reporting to senior management on key initiatives and findings.

Having studied a Bachelor of Science with a major in chemistry for the past three years, I challenged myself in an area outside my traditional studies. I had minimal experience with operational excellence concepts going into the internship. I found that the logical and methodical way of assessing data learned through my science studies was directly applicable to analysing a manufacturing process stream in the pharmaceutical industry.

CSL is a leader in the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences industries, which stood out when applying for internships. I became interested in the pharmaceutical industry after completing some pharmacology subjects alongside my chemistry degree. CSL has created an environment that promotes growth and allows the exploration of interests. The company highly values the culture it fosters and the people within it, which has been evident since I came on board.

I enjoy working at CSL as it allows me to collaborate and communicate with colleagues who represent a diversity of backgrounds, academic knowledge, and practical industry experience. My organisation and team support a healthy work-life balance, as I can work, continue studying, and explore my passions outside of work. Participating in the planned 3-month program has led to my continued employment until the end of the financial year ’23.

Something I wish I had understood in high school is that it’s okay not to have ‘one’ passion in life or a career. It can be easy to feel pressured to have an end goal to answer the question, ‘What do you want to do after school?’. I am over three years out of school, have changed opinions on my future career many times, and am unsure of the next stages of my career path. However, up until this point, I have chosen what interests me, and I will continue to do so. I recommend choosing subjects (in both high school and tertiary education) and extracurricular activities that interest you, as diverse interests and experiences can only enhance your future.

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CSL was formed over 100 years ago to save lives using the latest technologies to save lives. In the century since, CSL has grown into a global biotechnology leader, driven by that promise to save and improve lives.

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