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UnityWater is Building Our Future: One Drop at a Time!

You turn on the tap, flush the toilet, hit start on the washing machine and jump in the shower: what do all these things have in common?


It’s such a vital part of our days that largely gets taken for granted, but a LOT goes on behind getting the water we need into our homes and communities.

Our employer partner, UnityWater knows all about it – they’ve been taking the lead on all things water for decades, and their latest project is set to be one of their most exciting yet.

Providing Critical Infrastructure

​​​​​​​​​​​​Unitywater is excited to announce they’ve been awarded a contract for one of their largest infrastructure projects, ensuring reliable water and wastewater services for the growing Aura and Harmony areas on the Sunshine Coast.

This major program will be critical in meeting the future needs of these communities and contributing to the region’s livability.

Check out this short video introducing the project to learn more:

What Are They Building?

With projections of 69,000 residents in Aura by 2056 and 20,000 residents in Harmony by 2026, this program is set to deliver significant benefits to the growing region.

The Aura and Harmony Infrastructure program include three major projects:

  1. The Aura Water Project will include the construction of a new water reservoir and 12km of pipeline to connect to the Ewen Maddock Water Treatment Plant, providing a new water network for Aura.
  2. The Aura Wastewater Project will include the installation of a new wastewater pump station and 12.5kms of new pipe to transfer wastewater to our Kawana Wastewater Treatment Plant.​
  3. The Harmony Water Project will deliver an essential new water network for Harmony, including a new water reservoir at Tanawha and the installation of a 2.6km of new water pipeline.

This whopper of a project is set to commence in June with a target to wrap up in 2026!

Putting the Environment First

With all their projects, UnityWater is committed to putting sustainability and the environment first.

With a project as large as this, they’ve ensured they’ve done the work to deliver the infrastructure with as minimal a footprint as possible.

They’ve been working closely with Kabi Kabi representatives to select an alignment that best protects the environment and use alternative construction methods, such as underground drilling to protect native habitats and areas of cultural significance.

Keen to Learn More?

Sounds pretty exciting, huh? If you’d love to learn more and stay up-to-date on this incredible project, head to UnivtyWater’s dedicated webpage and check out the video above!

UnityWater is always looking for committed, motivated new team members to help them work on some of our communities most urgent and innovative projects.

Head to their dedicated Explore Careers profile to learn more.

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