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How to Create Your Best Career Year: 7 Inspiring Resources to Explore!

Your high school, university and early career years are pivotal ones. But you probably don’t need us to tell you that if you’re currently living them!

As you juggle getting good grades or doing well at work, you may find yourself asking, ‘What is it I’m truly passionate about?’ 

If you’re hoping to find your passion and shape it into a career, NAB have compiled some inspiring resources to help.

Check Out These Inspiring Resources on Finding Your Passion

1. TED TALK: Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

Don’t dwell on what you can do, but embrace all you can do.

Emilie Wapnick challenges the idea that we must pick one thing to specialise in to have a successful career. As she advises, for some people, finding a passion in life can be more than one thing.

Giving examples of successful ‘multipotentialites’, Emilie highlights the benefits of being curious and embracing a variety of passions.

Best For: Anyone who feels limited by the thought of having just one career.

2. PODCAST: Find Your Passion Career by Amanda Nachman

Host Amanda Nachman demystifies careers by interviewing career experts and professionals. You get a peep behind the curtain on what to expect in your chosen field.

You won’t be short of inspiring stories to listen to! Amanda has interviewed people with different careers spanning STEM, education, entrepreneurship, academia and more.

Best for: If you’re seeking someone to look up to in your field.

3. Blog: How to Build Your Vision of Success

Sometimes, it can feel like everyone else is doing life better than us and that achieving success for ourselves can feel out of reach in comparison.

This blog from the careers team at Indeed is all about examining what’s essential to you and defining your measures of success around that instead. Understanding this and being authentically true to yourself will naturally foster a passion for how you live. It also sets a great framework for how to start talking about success at interviews!

Best For: Anyone wanting to redefine what success means to them and how to talk about it positively!

4. BLOG: Inspiring quotes for when you can’t ‘Find your Purpose’

Once you’ve found your purpose, life can feel a lot more rewarding – but finding that initial purpose is the hardest step and often requires a lot of trial and error and a growth mindset.

If you feel stuck on your purpose, this article should be first on your reading list to inspire you to get out there and try new things.

Best For: Those of us who need a healthy dose of inspiration to get us back on track

5. PODCAST: Find Your Dream Job: Insider Tips for Finding Work, Advancing Your Career, and Loving Your Job 

Ever feel like your dream career is, well, a pipe dream?

Look no further than this podcast, which shares insider secrets and job search tips on how to get a great job and develop a purposeful career.

Featuring an exciting array of guest speakers and experts (who GET what you’re going through!) there’s a lot to explore here – and plenty of insights to take away for your own career journey.

Best For: Practical job hunting tips to find the career of your dreams.

6. VIDEO: How to find your Passion – 11 Abilities (Which one is for you?)

Every one of us has a natural affinity for certain things, even when we were much younger.

In this video, 11 passions/abilities have been compiled so that you can figure out which one (or more) you’re drawn to most, with the idea that this will allow you to figure out which career path to go down and also help you find your passion and purpose in life.

Best For: If you don’t know where to start when finding your passion and translating it into a career.

7. INTERVIEW: Find Employers that Support YOUR Trajectory

Out with the traditional frameworks and in with the new! NAB knows that for you to really find your passion and a career you love, your employer needs to be onboard with helping you build the path that’s right for you.

Our graduate program sets you up for this. Hear from Mahnoor in this inspiring interview as she shares how her role with NAB has helped shape her career ideas for the better!

Best For: Everyone! It’s always great to hear from other young people just starting their careers.

Find your passion, Whatever it May Be

In life and career, passion breeds purpose.

If you’re not sure what yours is, it’s reassuring to know many of us will likely change our minds many times over.

However, the time you devote now and in the future to self-reflection, listening, learning and doing to discover your passion will always be worthwhile.


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