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At Deloitte Australia, we see the world not just as it is, but as it could be.

Whether it’s tackling cyber security issues or helping businesses transition to a low-carbon future, undertaking audits and providing assurance, or using data to deliver new business insights and improvements – we work with our clients to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and make a positive difference to our clients, society, and our world.

Our services and solutions include audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, and tax and related services that span every sector and industry.

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Pathways to Deloitte

There’s no need to wait until you have years of work experience to join us. Deloitte has a range of programs that will help you gain experience while you’re studying at university to build your skills, experience and enable you to explore what you might be interested in doing after uni.

Virtual Work Experience

STEM Connect virtual experience program is an online course that simulates what you could do at Deloitte if you worked here! It is a self-paced, free-of-charge program designed for students interested in pursuing careers in STEM-related fields.

You’ll get to experience what it is like to work on a project that mirrors our teams’ skills and the work they do in the real world. You will build skills in coding, data analysis, software development, cyber security, and forensic technology.

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Me at Deloitte

Me at Deloitte is a two-day program designed for students in their first year, second year or even third year of study depending on the length of the university degree. It will provide you with an opportunity to discover how different career paths align with your studies, talents, and strengths. This is a great opportunity to be part of an amazing learning experience. The program is normally offered nationally with student coming into one of our offices around Australia.

During the program, you’ll have the chance to connect with Deloitte team members who can share their experiences and give you insights into what it’s like to work at Deloitte. We offer a unique combination of great learning content and hands-on experience opportunities that can help you shape your career path.

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Created for students in their second last year of their degree, this program will give you a taste of what it’s like to work at Deloitte. This 4 to 8 week paid internship will get you involved in real client projects and provide you with a dedicated buddy and career coach to show you the ropes at Deloitte.

As one of the most awarded and highly regarded student programs in Australia, there’s no doubt that as a Deloitte intern, you’ll have an enviable start to your early career.

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First Nations Internship

Earn and learn over the summer with Deloitte. Our First Nations Internship program is a structured learning and development program that combines elements of learning, connectivity and community – and, it could also be your first step to a future career with us!

Our paid internship placements vary from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on your location, and could be based in any of our offices nationally. Aimed at students in their second last year of university, the program provides Australian First Nations university students with all the benefits of our award-winning Summer Vacationer Program. It offers comprehensive learning and industry experience aligned to your chosen field of study, and opportunities for you to give back to the community through high-impact, meaningful and purpose-led projects.

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Grad Program

Our graduate program typically starts in February each year and will give you access to the Deloitte Graduate Academy, which will set you up for success in your professional career. With a dedicated buddy and career coach, this program will see you working full time on high-impact projects alongside a group of graduates looking to shape a better tomorrow – just like you.

What will I get to do?

As one of our Grads, you can expect to work on high-impact, meaningful and purpose-led projects. Through your hands-on project work, you’ll get significant client exposure and multiple networking opportunities with peers, leaders, and in industry.

We’ll provide you with relevant professional training and provide ongoing feedback from your coach to guide you throughout your program, with the chance to learn from and work with industry professionals across the firm.

Our focus at Deloitte also extends into making an impact that matters in our communities. Our Deloitte Impact Day, and year-round partnerships with local charities and organisations, provides you with opportunities to make an impact, whether that be through hands-on or skilled volunteering.

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The Academy by Deloitte – Adelaide

About the Program

The Academy is a unique industry-aligned student experience program co-designed by Deloitte and the University of Adelaide, providing students with work-integrated learning opportunities and differentiated skills. It enables participants to gain an additional advantage in being job-ready upon completion of their course and a pathway into impactful careers.

With formal and informal Academy experiences, students will build and strengthen relationships with the Deloitte network, providing valuable insights into the Deloitte culture and the opportunities available.

What to expect

Incorporated as part of an existing undergraduate degree in Arts, Business, Law, Economics, Sciences, Engineering and Technology, this academy experience includes:

  • Tailored undergraduate electives co-delivered by the University and Deloitte,
  • An undergraduate paid internship with Deloitte; and
  • Extracurricular immersive work experience opportunities.

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Cyber Academy

The Cyber Academy’s three-year degree – which includes an ‘earn as you learn’ apprenticeship program to fast track students’ cybersecurity careers – will make sure that graduates can hit the ground running, and add value quicker. The program combines study with employment at either a Government Department, an industry partner or Deloitte (committed to taking 10% of all program students). All successful graduates will receive nationally recognised qualifications.

Deloitte is working with TAFE NSW, the University of Wollongong and Swinburne University of Technology to offer the Cyber Academy program.

We want you to be your best you, so we’ll tailor the experience to your unique needs and strengths. We do this in a safe, supportive, fun environment, and you’ll graduate with a bag full of tech, life, cognitive, social and emotional skills, so you’re ready to take on work and the world in your own uniquely awesome way.

We’ll teach you all the technology skills (scripting, coding, cryptography, cloud, programming, security architecture) and life skills (communication, teamwork, integrity, problem-solving, planning and organisation, presenting and networking).

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Careers in Tech

Within our Technology Consulting business, we have teams that operate across the tech lifecycle:

  • Advisory: Be part of a team advising clients upfront on the tech solutions we offer.
  • Implementation: Your client has agreed on the solution, now, be part of the team that provides the architecture that helps answer the question ‘how should we do this’?
  • Data & AI: Here you’ll be a specialist in working with the systems and the data that drives our solutions.
  • Delivery: This is where your tech skills come to the fore, working directly in the detail with our product and development teams on the build work to deliver the solution to our clients.

Culture at Deloitte

Making an impact that matters, together

All our successes, the differences we make for our clients, our people and in our communities around the globe, come down to our purpose: to make an impact that matters.

It is this simple statement that defines each decision, each connection and drives us—always. To uphold integrity and promote a culture of inclusion. To build better futures.

Our Global Shared Values are at the heart of what we do

Our Global Shared Values are at the core of each decision we make, how we act and help us deliver impact, how and where it matters most.

We have five global shared values:

  1. Lead the way

We are not only leading the profession, but also reinventing it for the future. We are also committed to creating opportunity and leading the way to a more sustainable world.

  1. Serve with integrity

By acting ethically and with integrity, we have earned the trust of clients, regulators and the public. Upholding that trust is our single most important responsibility.

  1. Take care of each other

We look out for one another and prioritise respect, fairness, development and well-being.

  1. Foster inclusion

We are at our best when we foster an inclusive culture and embrace diversity in all forms. We know this attracts top talent, enables innovation and helps deliver well-rounded client solutions.

  1. Collaborate for measurable impact

We approach our work with a collaborative mindset, teaming across businesses, geographies and skills to deliver tangible, measurable, attributable impact.

Our Aussie Signals

While our Global Shared Values describes what is important to Deloitte, our Aussie Signals showcase how our Aussie firm uniquely exemplifies these values.

Be you

Be true to your authentic self, upholding your integrity, while embracing and honouring the diversity of others.

Empower and trust

Actively listen to and support the people around you. Trust others and earn trust through consistent actions.

Talk straight

Be open and honest, but always with care and empathy. Have the courage to speak up and back your sense of integrity.

Have fun and celebrate

Enjoy and celebrate what you do and those you do it with. Manage your energy so you can uplift and elevate others.

Dare to be different

Embrace creativity to make a greater impact. Be curious to learn and try new things.

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We’re for diverse experiences
Deloitte Experience (DX) - Flexible ways of working


At Deloitte, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves at work, without fear of discrimination or prejudice. We want our LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bi, trans and more) people to feel confident in being who they are and empowered to thrive within Deloitte and within the societies Deloitte serves.

Deloitte is proud to be a signatory of the UN Standards of Conduct for Business in Tackling Discrimination against LGBTI people (the UN Standards) and is working hard to deliver on this commitment. In line with the UN standard to act in the public sphere, Deloitte is also proud to be a member of the Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality. Deloitte has also joined the Brunswick Group’s coalition Open for Business, which is a network of major businesses campaigning for LGBT+ inclusion globally.

We believe the power of ‘allyship’ is a critical element of LGBT+ diversity, whereby our people support the rights and wellbeing of their LGBT+ colleagues. Allyship isn’t just passive support, but part of our everyday actions – visibly and vocally supporting LGBT+ people inside and outside of Deloitte.

Women at Deloitte

Join our journey towards creating a better world for women, where your voice contributes to making an impact that matters.

Belong to one of Australia’s growing networks of inspiring women and take your career to the next level. At Deloitte, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and supported to design a career with real-world impact.

Create an experience unique to you –with options empowering you to deliver exceptional client results, no matter how, where, or when. With endless opportunities to elevate your skills and passions, you’ll work on projects that matter.


Visit our Women at Deloitte page to see where a career with Deloitte could take you.

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