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Mining, Energy Resources

Want a career with heaps of diversity and opportunity? Interested in the chance to travel to amazing places and countries? Like a job where you’re treated as one of a global family? Keen to work on the cutting edge of digital innovation and technology? Ready to learn more?

A career in the resources industry offers a wealth of opportunities – from fascinating roles, diverse work locations, life-long training and development, a commitment to sustainable work practices, and the chance to constantly innovate and look for better ways to do things.

Meet Newcrest…

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, we are one of the world’s largest gold mining companies, with operations in three countries and exploration and growth activity around the world. We find, develop and operate gold-copper mines. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for our people, sustainably operating and developing mines in line with good environmental and social practices and building lasting relationships with the communities in which we operate. It is our vision to be the Miner of Choice.

Work with us…

A career with Newcrest may see you working as a geologist exploring ground from Australia to Argentina. It could have you working as an engineer designing life of mine plans for our world-leading block caves. Perhaps you could be a data scientist using your expertise in crunching large data sets to improve our safety and operational and production performance. Or maybe you’ll be working in one of our social performance teams ensuring we honour our commitments and relationships with the local communities in the areas where we operate.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Newcrest…

Our activities in Australia and overseas mean our people are increasingly presented with unique learning and development possibilities and more opportunities to travel than ever before. Our rewarding careers, located across diverse locations, will give you the chance to apply your skills and expertise in the global mining community, providing you with the opportunity to gain broad experience on a variety of projects and in a range of geographies.

We believe in being agile. Being bold. We use breakthrough technology, mining equipment and ore production methods, giving our people exposure to leading mining and processing techniques across both underground and open cut operations.

At Newcrest, we recognise diversity goes beyond gender and local representation and that it is about having a culture that values and respects differences – we know our different backgrounds help us find better ways to solve problems and make Newcrest a better place to work.

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Key Points

1. Be part of a great team

We pride ourselves on the quality of the people who work at Newcrest. A career with Newcrest will see you work with some of the most experienced, capable and accomplished people in the resources industry. Diversity and inclusion are key to our success so throughout your career with Newcrest, you’ll be part of a team of people from a diverse range of backgrounds, who truly care about each other. We asked our employees what Newcrest means to them and the most common response was…the people. We host site get-togethers to celebrate events like International Women’s Day and World Food Day; we fundraise for issues in our communities – like the drought in NSW, the recent earthquakes in Indonesia and literacy in Papua New Guinea; and you can connect with colleagues all over the world through our online forums like Yammer.

2. Go home safely

Our greatest responsibility is ensuring our people go home safe and healthy from work every day; it is essential to our ongoing success and an enduring focus for our business. By providing the right tools and systems, we empower our people to make the best decisions and take the action they need to work safely.

3. Focus on your development

A good business is only as strong as its people and we are passionate about developing our people through effective leadership, education and training. We create opportunities for our people, at all levels, to grow both personally and professionally. We have programs to support our leaders with practical skills to assist them in areas such as delegation, decision-making, developing talent, managing work, effective communication, feedback, and coaching. We also offer Education Assistance to support employees pursuing ongoing education. The relationship between education institutions and industry is extremely important and as a Newcrest employee you’ll be an ambassador for our business as we create pathways for future generations together.

4. Enjoy great employee benefits

In addition to great benefits like flexibility, competitive salaries, and additional leave provisions, we have a number of employee discount programs in place for things like buying your first car, holidays, and fitness. We are also extremely proud of our industry-leading Australian Parental Leave Program, which won best company diversity program at the 2018 Victorian Women in Resources Awards.

5. Care for the environment

Newcrest is a member of the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM) – an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry. Through our ICMM membership, we aspire to be industry leaders in sustainable mining, with a commitment to conducting our activities ethically and transparently. We aim to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, for example, we are working to better understand and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through the use of renewable power generation and low emission technologies.

6. Make a difference to communities

Newcrest is committed to delivering sustainable and long-term benefits in a way that supports and respects the rights and aspirations of the communities we work in. Newcrest’s presence provides many benefits to the countries and communities in which we operate, including: improved access to employment, health, education and training opportunities; and investment in community infrastructure and services – such as roads, hospitals, schools and water and sanitation facilities. We also support the different community causes of the places where we operate, for example, through sponsorship of local and regional events and activities.

7. Innovate for the future

At Newcrest, we have a degree of agility that allows us to move quickly, with the financial strength to back our technology and innovation aspirations. ‘The Newcrest Crowd’ is our own crowdsourcing platform that allows us to harness the collective ideas of innovative thinkers around the world and to help rapidly ‘hack’ multi-million-dollar business problems. The Newcrest Crowd won the 2018 METS Ignited Collaboration Award acknowledging our world-class work in this area.

8. Pack your bags

Join our Exploration and Business Development teams and you will have the opportunity to travel the world in search of Newcrest’s next big gold and copper deposits. Or, if you work in functions like IT and Innovation, travel the world to learn from other leading organisations. And if you need to relocate for work, we offer competitive relocation packages to get you there.

9. Live our values

Everything we do at Newcrest is underpinned by our five values: caring for people; integrity and honesty; working together; innovation and problem solving; and high performance. Each year we celebrate our employees through the Living Our Values Awards, recognising the outstanding contribution they make to the business and their strong commitment to living by our values.

10. Grow with Newcrest

Working within the resources industry presents some great opportunities and benefits. Newcrest has exciting pathways for our people to explore and progress their careers. We offer a range of entry points including cadetship, apprentice, vacation and graduate programs. In addition, people can join one of the many operator, trade or professional pathways. We believe in long-term careers and offer amazing positions across many different professions and locations.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Newcrest, please check back soon.