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From Aisles to Algorithms: Discover Rad Tech Opportunities at Coles Group

Coles Group provides a wide range of opportunities beyond retail positions, showcasing a variety of roles in different sectors!

As you look to the future, come see how the Coles Store Support Centre Graduate Program are innovating the grad careers space. We’re very much here for it!

In this blog, we’re shining a bright light on the tech opportunities on offer. Hear from Valerina, Elysia, Megan, and Grace as they share their experiences.

Finding the RIGHT Fit: Meet Valerina

Finding out what you want to do can be challenging, but it’s perfectly fine to change your path!

Valerina Ong is a great example of this. She switched gears from her original degree to Computer Science. Now, she’s excelling as a Security Specialist in the Information Security Services field. Valerina is currently on her third rotation as a graduate:

“I didn’t intend to pursue multiple degrees, but after completing my Psychology and Applied Linguistics studies, I didn’t feel passionate about that line of work. So, I decided to pursue a degree in Computer Science. I specialised in Cyber Security and Data Science, which eventually led me to the Tech graduate stream at Coles.”

Valerina appreciated the program’s visibility and access to an incredible professional network to launch her career!

“I would have had to build my network from scratch. Here, I am paired with a graduate buddy, but I also have an Accelerator Coach and a Technology sponsor.”

Building the Best of Both Worlds: Meet Elysia

Having the chance to grow your professional knowledge AND technical skills is the golden duo for many graduates. And it was important for Elysia Teo after completing her Bachelor of Information Technology! Elysia joined the Technology graduate program and has completed three rotations to date:

“I have been able to develop both technical and soft skills while gaining valuable experience. I’ve also been able to build relationships with many talented and knowledgeable teammates.”

The friendships and peer support have been invaluable for Elysia. Knowing other like-minded people are on the same journey makes it less daunting. These friendships have been key to her feeling supported at work.

“The social events and networking transform the new graduate experience for the better.”

Getting Ahead with Innovation: Meet Megan

When you pursue a tech career, it’s a MUST to be involved in innovation and be awarded opportunities to grow your ideas of the industry in fresh ways.

Megan Burns is a tech graduate currently working as an analyst programmer. She considers presenting the VR (virtual reality) implementation at Coles to over 200 colleagues as a key highlight of her journey:

“It was exciting to share how these immersive technologies could shape the future of work and retail. I could showcase my research, analytical skills, and public speaking abilities while demonstrating Coles’ commitment to innovation. The audience engagement fueled my enthusiasm to continue exploring cutting-edge tech solutions within the retail industry.”

Pursuing Your Passions: Meet Grace

Coles Group also know the chance to merge your passions with your work purpose can only lead to GREAT things!

Grace Anugraha began her career as a Coles Technology graduate last year after completing a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce and Information Systems. Now completing a six-month rotation as a Change analyst, Grace especially loved the chance to be part of a research enrichment project during her initial program experience.

One project allowed her to explore using the metaverse for Coles and then present the findings to the leadership:

“Speaking with experts across the business was exciting, a real opportunity to broaden my understanding of the business, and I enjoyed visiting one of our distribution centres. It was so good to see the technology and process in action and get a chance to hear directly from workers about how they found the technology beneficial.”

Be Part of Something More at Coles

Coles Group wants to help you find the best career path and will support you in building a career that is meaningful, purposeful, and passionate, with a strong team culture.:Whilst looking to a future in a graduate program, start your career in a store today, where you will be supported and developed as you continue your studies.

Take your career to the next level with Coles: Express your interest here for updates and future news on their incredible grad career pathways.

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