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From Checkouts to Inventory Analysis: Meet Harry & His Remarkable Kmart Career Journey

05 October 2023

We’ll be banging this drum forever: Retail careers are NOT just about working in-store!

And while store-based roles are exceptionally rewarding, they’re also the perfect springboard into where a career in this dynamic industry can take you.

Just take it from Harry, who started working for Kmart after school on the check-outs. He’s grown his retail career across various departments, landing an exciting gig as an Inventory Analyst!

Hear from Harry as he dives into:

  • What an Inventory Analyst does and how it supports the retail business.
  • How Harry started his career with Kmart and got to where he is now.
  • What makes working at Kmart so special.
  • How innovation and technological changes are supporting the sector for the better.
  • Why you definitely shouldn’t write off a career in this dynamic and varied industry!

It’s clear Harry has found his niche and will no doubt continue to grow a successful career with Kmart championing him on!

Find Out More

As Australia’s most loved retailer, Kmart champions diverse and inclusive team members, bringing together awesome people for a common cause.

They’re optimistic about their future and yours! Head over to their exclusive employer profile on Explore Careers to learn more about everything Kmart offers.

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