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MOO-ve Over Boring Careers! Australian Dairy is Hiring!

It’s in 98% of households.

We use it in our cereal, smoothies and coffees.

It’s the key ingredient in our cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream.

What are we talking about? Milk, of course!

This vital household product is loved worldwide, and in Australia, the dairy industry is one of our biggest and brightest. There are plenty of opportunities and benefits to be had when you explore a career in dairy – as our friends at Australian Dairy know all about!

Join them below as they share some of the best benefits of working with them that you probably haven’t considered yet!

Why Work in Dairy?

Working in the dairy industry in Australia can be a rewarding career choice. The industry has shown excellent stability and strongly contributes to the country’s agricultural backbone.

With an emphasis on sustainable practices, the industry offers diverse opportunities ranging from farm management to technological innovation, allowing individuals to contribute to the nation’s food security while enjoying a dynamic and evolving work environment.

Sure, there may be some early mornings, but you get to work in the great outdoors – with fresh air in your lungs and the sun on your back. It allows you to explore exciting work that gives you time to learn, live, and grow into a career.

5 Benefits of Working in Dairy

There are so many reasons why a job in dairy farming is rewarding:

1. You get to care for animals.

If working with animals matters to you, working on a dairy farm involves plenty of interaction with animals – ensuring they’re fed well and in the best health.

There are lots of opportunities for hugs, too!

2. It’s a career with a strong sense of purpose.

Does a chance to give back to the community matter to you? Dairy is an essential industry that plays an integral part in local regions.

When you work within the Australian dairy industry, you positively contribute to local communities and businesses.

3. There’s a lot of variety and flexibility.

A job in dairy can be full of variety and flexibility, with no two days being the same.

Every day presents a new opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to a valued sector, and there are exciting things to learn along the way.

4. You get to work with innovative technology. 

From learning new technology, like machinery and drones, to exploring the latest tech that helps us keep our cattle safe and healthy, you’ll never be bored and never stop learning something new!

5. Excellent opportunities for career progression.

If you like to move through the ranks, the sky’s the limit in dairy farming!

There are on-the-job training and learning opportunities, career progression possibilities, and many avenues to explore that can help you grow your income alongside your skills and experience.

A job in dairy can take you all the way to owning or leasing your very own dairy farm!

Find Out More

Dairy Australia is committed to producing quality food while providing the best care for our animals, doing more to protect the environment and supporting dairy workers and communities.

Whether it’s growing your skills, caring for animals, a chance to give back to the community or just doing something you love every day, Australian Dairy has positions available now!

Check out this short video to learn more and visit Australian Dairy’s dedicated employer profile!

Dairy Matters: Explore a rewarding career today.

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