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Oh Rats, We’ve Seen You Before! Rentokil Develop Innovative Facial Recognition Technology For Rats

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it for years to come: innovation doesn’t just happen in a high-tech laboratory!

It’s created by those in the real world, facing some of the biggest, smallest, common and unique challenges our society faces!

Innovation is all around us, and some of our employer partners are doing pretty cool things to solve these challenges effectively.

Rentokil is no exception!

First Things First: Who Are Rentokil Initial?

Rentokil Initial pride themselves on doing the sometimes-invisible work essential to protecting people, enhancing lives, and preserving our planet.

From washrooms to aged care homes to office pot plants and classrooms – they’re there, ready, bursting with passion and pride to make a positive difference for their customers and communities.

They may be the leading global expert in pest control, hygiene solutions and indoor plant care, employing 46,000+ colleagues globally, but they’re also a humble, friendly bunch.

Rats & Facial Recognition: What’s the Deal?

You might recall our last piece on Rentokil, where we shared some incredibly unique innovations they’re implementing to shape the industry.

Well, this time, they’ve outdone themselves!

Trialling a new way to get rid of rats in people’s homes, Rentokil is using special software that can recognise the faces of the rats!

They’ve been working on this technology for a year and a half with the help of Vodafone and testing it in real homes to see if it works.

The software keeps track of what the rats do and uses artificial intelligence to analyse the information in real-time. A control centre then decides where and how to kill the rats seen on camera.

The CEO of Rentokil, Andy Ransom, explained that the software can tell the difference between different rats and how they behave:

“With facial recognition technology, you can see that rat number one behaved differently from rat number three. And the technology will always identify which rat has come back, where they are feeding, where they are sleeping, who’s causing the damage, which part of the building they are coming from, where they are getting into the building from, whether it’s the same rodent that caused the problem last week.”

Rentokil is testing this new system with customers like food producers and offices to see how well it works.

And they have big plans for the future!

Rentokil is particularly interested in expanding in countries like China, India, and Indonesia, where pest populations could rapidly increase in the coming years. They are aiming to make cities of the future safer from pests.

Keen to Join an Organisation that Thinks Well Outside the Box?

You have to agree – this is the most unique use of facial recognition we’ve seen yet!

And it just shows how much Rentokil pride themselves on thinking outside the box to solve the biggest problems faced by their clients.

Whether you’re a natural-born problem solver looking for a job that provides variety and a sense of autonomy that comes with being on the road; a dedicated worker wanting job stability and reliability; or you’re looking to shape a long, rich, and fulfilling career where the opportunities are limitless and global – there’s something for everyone at Rentokil Initial.

Head to their dedicated employer profile to discover more about starting your innovative career journey with these leaders!

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