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Tadiwa’s journey to PwC

01 June 2022

I remember vividly the day I set foot on Australian ground, after a long two-day journey from Zimbabwe. It was exciting and I was keen to start a new life with my family.

We came to Australia because my father was working for BHP in Zimbabwe and they were closing up. Due to this, they encouraged him to apply for a working visa for BHP Australia.

While my father moved over with part of my family, I stayed with relatives while I finished high school and worked part-time in a stationary shop to help support me. Then my visa got approved and I finally relocated to Sydney to join my family.

It was just me and the internet. Where could I start my career?

I knew I needed a network I could rely on but being a person who didn’t attend High School in Australia, most organisations, unfortunately, didn’t offer me any opportunity.

I searched for places all over the internet, I submitted over 15 apprenticeship applications and still, nothing came my way. After a while, I decided to finally stop submitting applications and look into going to University or starting a TAFE course.

On that very day that I decided to stop, an application worth applying for fell right into my email inbox. I received three emails from indeed on the same day, all with the PwC Higher Apprenticeship Program application link. That is when I knew the right opportunity had finally come my way.

After applying, I went through a series of psychometric tests and interviews. Fortunately this time, I managed to get accepted despite how different I appeared to be in terms of background.

PwC has become a home, a great supportive network for me. The people here saw beyond my background and recognised my passion as a talent. Now I get to pursue my passion in IT while I get trained and paid too!

I dress the way I feel comfortable and I have made friends for life. I intend to stay at PwC for many years to come and I would highly recommend anyone to come on board.

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