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Tech’s NOT Just for Nerds! There’s More ‘Human’ in the Sector Than You Realise

02 October 2023

Tech careers don’t have to be … technological?!

 When you think about it, who uses tech the most? PEOPLE!

It makes sense that somewhere in this incredible industry, there needs to be professionals who can help people use technological advancements in the most effective (jargon-free) way possible.

And that’s where Yenti comes in. As a Lead Consultant with Capgemini, Yenti has dedicated her career to helping the worlds of tech and people come together in the best ways possible.

Catch up with Yenti as she shares:

  • What technology consulting means, and what her role involves.
  • How her role sits in the middle of technology and people, focusing on bringing the people side of things to everything they do.
  • Some of the top skills she’s learning and growing through her role.
  • What makes Capgemini such a great place to work and their positive work culture.

It was great to hear from Yenti as she embarks on this new career stage and learn her passion for everything she’s learning as a professional, thanks to Capgemini!

Find Out More

Capgemini is a diverse organisation of 300,000 team members in nearly 50 countries. As a global leader, Capgemini partners with companies to transform and manage their businesses by harnessing the power of technology.

Capgemini is guided daily by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Find out more about everything Capgemini has to offer early career starters via their employer profile right here at Explore Careers!

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