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Craveable brands. operate over 600 restaurants across 4 iconic Australian brands Red RoosterOporto, Chicken Treat and Chargrill Charlies

Combined our restaurants hire over 13,000 employees and serve over 1,000,000 customers every week.

It’s safe to say we’re cooking.

Craveable Brands is a franchised network which means that restaurants are operated by individual business owners known as Franchisees who follow operational guidelines set by each of the brands.

To enable craveable brands. to operate such a large network of franchised restaurants requires an incredible support network of experts in areas including restaurant operations, supply chain, franchising, IT & technology, marketing, store design and construction, food innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you are looking for a career in a restaurant or head office, there are plenty of opportunities available.


4 Iconic Brands
600 Resturants
13k Employees
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Retail & Consumer Goods

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Retail & Consumer Goods

We’ve established ourselves both nationally and internationally and we’ll be continuing to double the size of our business over the coming years. Our ambition is to be the most craved food experience on earth. It’s a big call but we mean it!

Adventure Awaits!

People often ask what ‘Adventure’ means. For us, it represents our personality. We’re open-minded, dynamic, ambitious, pioneering and fresh but always authentic and true to our roots. And that’s exactly the kind of person we’re looking for open-minded, dynamic, ambitious, authentic individuals.

Come just as you are, but come with a passion for adventure, ready to make an impact. In return, you’ll get to work in a place where incredible people will always look out for you, and there really is no limit to how far you can go. Just ask anyone who’s gone through our training pathways program. Whether you want to be a team member, a manager or a franchise owner, it’s all within reach as long as you’re willing to put the work in.

Take a page out of our founder Antonio Cerqueira’s book. He didn’t speak a word of English, all he had was a plan, a sense of adventure and an amazing gift for cooking delicious chicken. If there’s one piece of advice I’d give to anyone thinking of starting a career at Oporto it would be just that. Be fearless, set yourself a personal plan and work towards it. Make the most of the training and education we offer, and you’ll soon hit those goals.

Thanks for loving Oporto as much as we do. We hope to welcome you to the ‘familia’ soon.

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Retail & Consumer Goods

Red Rooster has been proudly serving Australians delicious roast chicken for over 45 years. With national coverage of over 360 restaurants, we are Australia’s largest roast chicken franchise.

Founded in 1972, Red Rooster has a rich history as Australia’s largest home-grown craveable brands. brand and the only one specialising in Roast Chicken.

Operating for more than 45 years…

Red Rooster has a familiar and nostalgic presence across the Australian suburban landscape and continues to uphold its traditional values, whilst being forward thinking and dynamic. In 2016 Red Rooster diversified their offering with the introduction of home delivery and the launch of their loyalty program.

Red Rooster


Red Rooster (Reds) is Australia’s first and favourite chicken shop with over 50 years of satisfying Australia’s chicken cravings. Reds is the only fast-food company in Australia that now truly specialises in both roast and fried chicken and is in an exciting time of change and innovation for the brand.

As a national network of franchises, each Red Rooster restaurant is an individual small business owned and operated by a local franchisee. Not only do owners feed the local community, but they also employ locals. Through charity and sponsorships these family-owned businesses give back to the community and are a much-loved fixture nationwide.


At Red Rooster we satisfy Australia’s chicken cravings by bringing a little JOY to the everyday!


We are always looking to have FUN​.

We like to be SPONTANEOUS.

We are GENEROUS in spirit​



We always try to be POSITIVE & CARING​

Right now Red Rooster is growing and transforming – it’s a very exciting time and we’d love to work with you! Learn more at Red Rooster Careers!

Chargrill Charlie’s

Chargrill Charlie’s was built on fresh quality food and authentic home-style cooking.​​ The first Chargrill Charlie’s opened in Coogee in 1989 and now there are 19 shops across NSW and VIC….with more to come!

But we weren’t content with just cooking up the classics. We serve up something truly unique, and it’s this unmistakable Charlie’s flavour that we sprinkle across everything we do.​​ It’s not just the chicken salt ​and homemade favourites that keep people coming back.

And while we’ll always be proud to be an Aussie chicken shop, we’re happy to say that Chargrill Charlie’s will always be…​​Anything But Ordinary​​

From our family to yours our food is made with love every day.


Chargrill Charlie’s is a family, we see everyone who is a part of it, from our regular customers to our staff, as part of our extended family.


We believe it’s the simple things that make life great. Good friends and great food. A sunny afternoon listening to tunes or knocking back the iconic Bondi Burger at your local beach. That’s all you really need in life.

And its why founder Antonio Cerqueira first started serving up delicious Portuguese style flame grilled chicken and his original chilli sauce back in 1986 from a small chicken shop in North Bondi. He knew that when you’ve got the beach, friends and great food then life tastes pretty good.

At Oporto, we’re always on the lookout for people to carry on the spirit of adventure like our founder Antonio Cerqueira.

Work somewhere that’s FULL OF ADVENTURE, VARIETY and like-minded PEOPLE who lift you up each day and ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK. Learn more at Oporto Careers!


Chicken Treat

Chicken Treat has proudly been rescuing hungry West Australians (and more recently some lucky Sydney-siders) since 1976. Extraordinary chicken is the hero here. Mess with us and expect to get a smack of deliciousness in the kisser.

We are on a quest to bring a little more punch to the delectable with our soul-satisfying chicken and contagious smiles. We surprise and delight customers by mashing the best of both worlds; our Crunchified super succulent bird and our classic rotisserie roast. It’s bold, it’s in your face flavour, we bring the drool and make you scream out ‘DANG!’.

We’re always searching for people who LOVE ADVENTURE, want to LEARN and GROW but don’t necessarily fit the profile of a sidekick.

Chicken Treat, the CHICKEN HEROES!​ Learn more at Chicken Treat Careers!

Why work with us?


No Problem. You’re entitled to a discounted meal on every shift. Great food, great taste for great team members.

Make some great friends!

We’re fun, adventurous, passionate and always ready to make new friends. Whether your just starting out or have been here for a while, you’ll get friendships to last a lifetime.

Keep things fresh and flexible.

Worried you’ll be stuck on the same shift, in the same role, day to day? Don’t be. We’ll make sure you work on a number of different stations to keep things fresh.

We also have a variety of different employment options including part-time and casual. Meaning we are able to offer flexible working arrangements to our employees to support their study or family commitments.

Make your OWN money!

If this is your first job, you’ll have the sweet feeling of making and managing your own money! YES!

Go places.

Never boring or slow, you’ll work with passionate people, gaining skills and building friendships you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

Whether you’re part of Red Rooster, Oporto, Chargrill Charlies’ or Chicken Treat you’re part of Craveable Brands, a national team that offers career opportunities far beyond your local restaurant!

Career Pathways

Where Can I go?

Whether you’re part of Red Rooster, Oporto, Chargrill Charlies’ or Chicken Treat you’re part of Craveable Brands, a national team that offers career opportunities far beyond your local restaurant!

I’m a future leader

Want to lead a team? There are some great roles available, from leading a shift to leading a restaurant! We provide all of the skills and training for you to grow into your potential, and make a few friends along the way!

I want my own restaurant!

Want to own your own business? Many of our franchise partners started as Crew! Work your way through our ‘Pathways to Ownership’ and join a nationally recognized family of Brands.

Craveable Brands Corporate roles.

From Finance to Franchising, Supply Chain to Property, we have a diverse range of Cravers across the country in our support team. While we always have corporate roles available, often it’s our crew members and restaurant leaders who grow their career from the bottom up!

Wherever you lay your hat, you’ll find people who have your back and who’ll go out of their way to make you feel at home. In the support offices, Sydney is home to our test kitchen and you can taste food that hasn’t even hit the menu. Our Perth and Brisbane offices are a little smaller, but you’ll still find a tight-knit team focused on serving our customers and supporting our franchisees.


Craveable Brands partners with CareerTrackers; a national purpose-driven organisation that supports pre-professional Indigenous university students and links them with employers to participate in paid, multi-year internships. We love to see interns reach their potential and provide opportunities across several corporate functions.

For Carers and Parents

Across Oporto, Red Rooster, Chicken Treat and Chargrill Charlies we’re always looking for great people. Here are a few of the more common career and recruitment FAQs, relevant to all brands.

Minimum age requirements

The minimum age of employment across all restaurants in New South Wales (NSW), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT) and Queensland (Qld) is 14 years of age.

The minimum age of employment across all restaurants in Victoria (VIC) is 15 years of age.

What is the application process?

Current job vacancies can be found in the careers section of each of our current brand websites. An application will involve submitting several details including availability, resume and completing a personality questionnaire to assess which role is the best fit. Once completed the franchisee will review the application, deciding whether to progress to an interview. If the interview is successful pre-employment checks will be completed (including verification of working rights). If successful they will receive a contract and start date!

Why would I want my child/student to work at your restaurants?

At Craveable Brands, we believe in more than a job. We give people an opportunity to grow, develop and learn life skills they can take out into the world. They’ll learn time management, people skills and teamwork whilst also developing self-confidence and making great friends in a safe environment where everyone is encouraged to live a life full of ‘adventure’ and enjoy themselves.

Who owns our restaurants?

Our stores across Red Rooster, Oporto, Chicken Treat and Chargrill Charlies are proudly owned by independent Franchise Partners. Our Franchisees are entrepreneurial business women and men who know what it takes to achieve success.

Who would manage my child/student on a day-to-day basis?

Our Franchise Partners are very active in the store and are available most of the time. They’re supported by a team of well trained, professional Managers who they hand select and progress through Craveable Brands great management training. Together, they’ll give your loved one the guidance and support they need to thrive.

How does rostering and time off work?

We know that our team members need to dedicate the time required to their studies, sporting or family commitments or whatever else excites them. With that in mind, we try to be flexible so that they can be as successful as possible. All we ask is that they discuss their needs with their Franchise Partner or Restaurant Manager in advance so that we can all plan around them.

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Craveable Brands welcomes everyone from all different backgrounds, religions, ages, and sexual orientations.

We pride ourselves on fostering a sense of community and understanding so that our work environment is as inclusive as possible.

Our Craver Vibe Tribe, as well as our LGBTQIA+ Advocacy Group provide our employees with the chance to celebrate LGTBQIA+ days of significance, raise awareness of key challenges faced by members of the community in the workplace, and actively promote inclusion through various activities. We wish for everyone to come to work feeling comfortable and to be their genuine self and supported in doing so.

Gender Diversity

Craveable Brands’ is constantly looking to improve Gender Equity in the workplace, and we have incorporated a range of initiatives to support this.

We strive to raise awareness on Gender equality through our internal and external communications and celebrating relevant events such as International Women’s Day. We also provide gender-neutral parental leave of 26 weeks to provide support to all. We also do frequent reporting on our Female Representation in the business, to provide transparency and ensure that the way we operate is successful in ensuring gender equity.

Such practices help to cultivate our work culture of inclusion and support, and we recognise that this is an ongoing process.

First Nations

At Craveable Brands’, we support and encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within our brands.

We have done this through the creation of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), making us the first Quick Service Restaurant company to do so. This plan acts as a roadmap to a more inclusive workplace by ensuring the hiring and retention of Indigenous people.

As part of this, Craveable Brands also emphasises the importance of educating our employees, and we recognise and commemorate many key dates in the calendar such as NAIDOC and National Reconciliation Week.

Furthermore, we are partnered with Career Trackers to provide First Nations university students with opportunities for paid work experience. Through our efforts, we hope to further diversify our workforce practices and provide create a supportive environment for First Nations people.

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