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Craveable Brands operate over 570 restaurants across 3 iconic Australian brands. Combined our restaurants hire over 12,500 employees and serve over 150,000 customers a day. It’s safe to say we’re cooking.

As the largest Australian owned quick service restaurant operator, Craveable Brands. extensive intellectual property focuses on restaurant operations, supply chain, franchising, IT, marketing, store design and construction, food innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Our three brands (Red Rooster, Oporto & Chicken Treat) are widely recognised and established in each of the markets in which they operate.

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Chicken Treat - Meet Lauren
Chicken Treat - Meet Lauren
Oporto - Nicole & Damien
Oporto - Nicole & Damien
Red Rooster - Meet Natalie
Red Rooster - Meet Natalie
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Chicken Treat Logo

Chicken Treat


With a laser focus on taste, our hand prepared and breaded fried chicken, slow cooked rotisserie chicken and unexpected sides positions Chicken Treat as The Chicken Heros! In 1976 Frank Romano opened the first Chicken Treat in Western Australia, introducing the public to a more Mediterranean method of cooking and seasoned chicken. People flocked to taste this new twist on rotisserie chicken and came back for their chicken rolls and the legendary Hawaiian Pack.

Now with over 40 years in operations…

Chicken Treat is an iconic Australian chicken brand with a network of over 50 stores across Western Australia and Queensland. With aggressive growth plans for the future including the development of new stores and an extensive refurbishment program, there’s a whole world of franchising opportunity on offer to the right candidates.
Oporto Logo



A relentless focus on authentic, fresh, flavoursome Portuguese food coupled with a youthful, fun and vibrant experience, Oporto has carved a unique place for itself in the Australian food industry. Established in 1986, Oporto was founded on creating an authentic Portuguese taste just up the road from Bondi Beach. People could sense that it was something special, and word quickly spread.

Now, more than 30 years later…

Oporto has over 170 restaurants across the country as well as stores in New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and continues to invest significantly in reinvigorating the brand. Through the use of modern restaurant designs, clear focus on the customer experience, a loyalty program, marketing engagement and ongoing social media campaigns, Oporto are ensuring they maintain their image as a young, engaged and dynamic brand.
Red Rooster Logo

Red Rooster


Red Rooster has been proudly serving Australians delicious roast chicken for over 45 years. With national coverage of over 360 restaurants, we are Australia’s largest roast chicken franchise. Founded in 1972, Red Rooster has a rich history as Australia’s largest home-grown craveable brands. brand and the only one specialising in Roast Chicken.

Operating for more than 45 years…

Red Rooster has a familiar and nostalgic presence across the Australian suburban landscape and continues to uphold its traditional values, whilst being forward thinking and dynamic. In 2016 Red Rooster diversified their offering with the introduction of home delivery and the launch of their loyalty program.

At a Glance

Real Variety & Flexibility

Worried you’ll be stuck on the same shift, in the same role, day to day? Don’t be. We’ll make sure you work on a number of different stations to keep things fresh.

We also have a variety of different employment options including part-time and casual. Meaning we are able to offer flexible working arrangements to our employees to support their study or family commitments.

Our Values

We are proud of our culture in which each individual team member is encouraged to be passionate and contribute to the success of the company. Our Values underpin the way we do business; they are at the forefront when making decisions about and for the Company:

  • We Win Together
  • We Make a Difference
  • We Are Open & Honest
  • We are Customer Fanatics

Our Talent

Our people are the glue that hold the craveable house together. They work hard to ensure that our customers are served delicious food in exciting restaurants with exceptional service. So, it’s important to
us that we work just as hard to look after them. We have an incredibly diverse team across Australia and pride ourselves on being an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are consistently compliant with
the Workplace Gender Equality Act requirements, supporting workplace equality for our more than 50% of female employees. Reflecting our commitment to diversity for all, craveable brands is a proud supporter of Australian Marriage Equality.

Engaging in positive initiatives & partnering with our business community
to reduce, reuse & recycle. Working with
the Australian Packaging Covenant guided recycling initiatives, implementing on packaging consumer education, raising awareness in our network & working towards positive step change initiatives to leave a lighter footprint on our environment.

In the last 12 months Red Rooster has saved the CO2 Equivalent of 1,107,997Kg by recycling used oil. This is the equivalent of the electricity used for 1 year for approximately 140 homes.

Learning that matters

Learning pathways develop and unleash your potential! We engage our team members in different learning methods and inspire you to be more, and have more. We know that your lives and careers are enriched through meaningful development and career experiences. We have a record of promoting and developing, both from within our restaurants and also bringing talent into the head office team to support our brands and franchisees.

How we say thankyou

Across our brands, our Team Members are one of our most valuable assets. They make the difference every day with our customers and are the true champions of our quality. We recognise our team members through reward programs, discounts, career opportunities and most importantly by always remembering to say thank you!

A message from our Red Rooster CEO…

At Red Rooster, our people’s motto is ‘We’re for Real’. What that means is everything about us is authentic and genuine. From the high-quality food we serve, to the amazing people who work in our restaurants.

Not only is Red Rooster a fun and interesting place to work. It’s somewhere you’ll gain valuable skills like teamwork, communication skills, food preparation and customer experience, skills you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life. And what’s more, the opportunities to grow and develop are endless. Whether you want to be a Crew Trainer, Manager, Franchisee or even CEO, it’s all within reach as long as you put in the hard yards. Don’t believe me? I started as a 14-year- old kitchen hand.

If there’s some advice I’d pass down,
it would be that you shouldn’t be afraid to get stuck in, ask for feedback, ask for advice and take the initiative to see what else you can learn. It’ll only help you in the long run. But most of all, be prepared to work somewhere people look out for each other. We chip in to help each other when times are busy, then laugh and celebrate together. That’s how family works, and I can’t wait to welcome you to ours.

A message from our Oporto CEO…

People often ask me what ‘Live Spicy’ means. For me, it represents our personality. We’re dynamic, ambitious and cool but always authentic and true to our roots. And that’s exactly the kind of person we’re looking for. Dynamic, ambitious, authentic individuals.
Come just as you are, but come with a fire in your belly, ready to make an impact. In return, you’ll get to work in a place where incredible people will always look out for you, and there really is no limit to how far you can go. Just ask anyone who’s gone through our training pathways program. Whether you want to be a team member, a manager or a franchise owner, it’s all within reach as long as you’re willing to put the work in. You could even have my job one day (I’m not kidding).

Take a page out of our founder António Cerqueira’s book. He didn’t speak a word of English, all he had was a plan, a sense of adventure and an amazing gift for cooking delicious chicken. If there’s one piece of advice I’d give to anyone thinking of starting a career at Oporto it would be just that. Be fearless, set yourself a personal plan and work towards it. Make the most of the training and education we offer, and you’ll soon hit those goals.

A message from our Chicken Treat CEO…

Working at Chicken Treat is seriously fun – in fact, that’s our motto!

To me, ‘Seriously Fun’ means taking pride in our work and having the freedom to be ourselves while we do it. Everyone here is serious about serving up great experiences for our customers. Our positive attitudes make them smile, and our delicious food keeps them coming back.

Chicken Treat’s people are locals, and we’re all great mates. That’s part of what makes us so special. Our customers aren’t just our customers – they’re our neighbours and our friends. We’re proud of our ties to Western Australia, and we represent that pride with energy every day.

Bring your unique, enthusiastic, collaborative attitude to a role at Chicken Treat, and see how being part of our close-knit team helps you grow. It always amazes me to see how our new-starters evolve in such a short time. Whether it’s the people, the responsibilities, or the new skills you learn, something about your experience here will ignite your passion and build your confidence.

Which one of our brands sounds Craveable to you?

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